Elisabeth Daynes is a paleoartist.

In her studio in Belleville, Paris, she works in close collaboration with the international scientific community-anthropologists, anatomists, paleo pathologists, geneticists, archeologists- to give flesh, a face, to hominines. This work of individualization is a work on faces, expressions and looks which starting point is thousand-years old and even million-years old skulls and bone remains.

At the border of Art and Science Elisabeth uses facial reconstruction techniques based on methods developed for criminology. She was awarded the John J. Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize, her sculptures are exhibited in museums around the world: Perot Museum, Dallas; Tautavel; Field Museum, Chicago; INAH, Mexico City; Science Museum, Barcelona; MHN, Stockholm; MEH, Burgos, Spain; Jeon Gok, South Korea; La Halle, Germany; Musée de l’Homme, Paris; PIP, Eyzies de Tayac; Lascaux III; California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco; National Museum Addis Ababa; Museum of Natural History, Tokyo; …

The artist’s objective: to change her contemporaries’ perception of our ancestors.

Elisabeth DAYNES